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Antiperspirant and deodorant lotion 2016-05-21T22:07:48+02:00
Loción Desodorante Fungicida

Antiperspirant and deodorant lotion

Reference: 13IB19

Formats: Bottle 200 ml

Prevents excessive perspiration, helping maintain the feet and shoes dry, fresh and without odour throughout the day.

Spray on the feet after a shower or bath. It may also be used inside footwear, but should be allowed to dry first. It does not stain and dries rapidly.

Essential oil of mint. A very refreshing effect due to its high menthol content. It also possesses anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, stimulating and sedative qualities.

Malaleuca oil (Tea tree oil). The essential oil of tea tree has a triple antiseptic effect, it is a bactericide, a fungicide and has healing, anti-inflammatory and deodorizing properties.

Salicylic acid. Antiseptic and disinfectant, but also functions as a kerolitic, favouring the softening of calluses on the skin and allowing the product to work more effectively.

Camphor. It has analgesic, antiseptic, bactericides, stimulant and deodorant properties.

Menthol. Antibacterial, refreshing and anaesthetic, whenever it is applied to the skin, it augments the flow of blood which improves circulation and causes a cold stimulus.

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