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Loción Gel Aloe Vera 100% Puro

Aloe vera gel

Reference: 13IB08

Formats: Bottle 500 ml,Botella 150 ml,Exhibitor12 units

Provides deep hydration to the skin, leaving a smooth, fresh feeling. Thanks to the soothing and regenerative properties of aloe vera, it is ideal for use after shaving or depilation, alleviating skin irritation.

Apply a suitable amount of gel on the area being treated with a light rotary massage until the product has been totally absorbed.

Aloe Vera. The combination of the substances in aloe vera makes it act deeply in different ways, depending on the skin type it is applied to. It has an astringent effect on oily skins and a hydrating effect on dry skins, regulating the sebaceous glands and soothing irritated skin.

Here are a few of the beneficial effects aloe vera has on the skin:


Hydration: Thanks to its high mucilage content, aloe vera has a great capacity for retaining moisture, which explains why it is very effective in treating skin dehydration, even though its principle effect is astringent, and that in spite of being appropriate for all skin types, it is especially so for those prone to acne or an oily complexion, since it preserves moisture without producing oil.


To this activity we can add the capacity of deep penetration into the layers of the skin, eliminating bacteria and fat deposits that block the pores. At the same time, the activity of aloe vera’s natural nutrients – minerals, vitamins and amino acids – stimulate the reproduction of new cells.

Whenever aloe vera is used as an ingredient in distinct cosmetic products, its extraordinary penetrating capacity allows access of moisture and other hydrating agents into the skin, removing toxins and allowing the astringent properties to act more effectively.

This penetrating capacity helps prevent against blocking the pores of facial skin, giving it a healthy shine, because the enzymatic activity of the plant accelerates blood circulation and clears away dead cells.

The amino acids in aloe vera collaborate in the development of new cells. Additionally, they provide the dermis with a protective layer, helping to delay the development of bacteria and destructive fungi.


Anti-allergy: soothing and anti-inflammatory. Highly recommended for use in cases of eczema, or a tendency to allergies, but also for use in lotions recommended for after sun treatment.



Disinfectant: Some of the polysaccharide and anthracene derivatives in aloe vera ensure this property. Its recognized activity against certain viruses and skin bacteria makes it ideal for combating the presence of microorganisms that facilitate the formation of aggravating spots and skin impurities. Its astringent properties delay the infection of acne and collaborate in curing blemishes, practically without leaving a scar.


Since aloe vera has 4.3 pH acidity, similar to the skin, placing it between a 4 and a 6, it helps maintain a normal pH balance.


Stimulant and regenerator: The amino acids, vitamins and minerals contained in aloe vera make it very effective in restoring tired and damaged skin.


In cases of premature ageing caused by excessive exposure to the sun, aloe vera nurtures and regenerates the skin. In the same way, from a certain age, the collagen and elastine fibre network, which gives the skin its firmness and elasticity, begins to change and as a consequence, deep wrinkles are formed that cannot be eliminated.

Aloe vera extract re-establishes the balance in these changes, stimulating a synthesis of the collagen and elastine fibres in the skin. This regenerating action is also excellent as an aftershave balm, regenerating almost immediately many of the cells damaged by the razorblade.

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