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Crema Antiedad Gold

Gold Anti-aging cream

Reference: 13IB68

Formats: Jar 50 ml

Made with Bio Active Gold Bioasilable, noble medicinal oils, Quinoa oil and Natural Hydration Factor. Delays aging and softens and repairs skin damage. Rich in texture and emollient, it leaves the skin in a state of exquisite comfort. Protects against the harmful effects of solar radiation, the main cause of the premature aging of the skin.
Apply morning and / or evening on face and neck previously clean. Use after any facial or make-up basis. After application, the skin will have a delicate pearly tone.
Wide spectrum solar filter for SPF 15. - Emullium Mellifera: Flexible and multifunctional emulsifier. Provides immediate, long-lasting hydration. It increases the luminosity, improves the quality of the skin, the softness and gives a more toned appearance. - Natural hydration factor (Hidrovitón Plus): A complex mixture is similar to the so-called natural moisturizing factor of the skin, which exerts an active hydration on this organ. - Contains botanical extracts of elderberry, arnica, ivy, mallow, cucumber, willow and lime of moisturizing and stimulating action. - Contains Red Tea: is well known for skin care, as it has minerals such as zinc, which serve as an acne treatment. Red tea soothes skin irritations. - Contains Quinoa: its antioxidant properties, due to its presence of vitamins C and E, make Quinoa an ally in the fight against aging caused by free radicals. The presence of threonine contributes to the skin hydration and a greater luminosity. - Contains Verbena Oil: The medicinal properties of Verbena lie in its soothing power, used for centuries to relieve anxiety and stress, being indicated in natural medicine to treat depression and melancholy. Due to its content in ß-sitosterol, ursolic acid, oleanolic acid, 3-epiursolic acid, etc., it shows to have anti-inflammatory activity.
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