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Crema Termoactiva de Café

Thermoactive Coffee Cream

Reference: 13IB52

Formats: Jar 500 ml

Caloric massage body cream.
Apply with circular movements until their total absorption. Its active ingredients produce hyperemia (redness) and in some cases itchiness that are of no importance and disappear after a short time.
Caffeine With high concentration in polyphenols, it makes it a potent anti-oxidant agent that slows cell aging, as well as an excellent lipolytic agent Which stimulates the elimination of fats and a strong draining and toning power. Glycerin Glycerin is a derivative that is obtained from vegetable oils and fats. It is a substance that is present in almost all cosmetic products, Because by its structure can maintain the just degree of hydration of the skin, retaining the water on the skin surface. Ivy Extract Composed of glycosides, saponins, inositol, phosphoric acid, malic and chlorogenic. Anti-cellulite, antimycotic, decongestant and toning. Methyl nicotinate Vasoactive action substance, produces hyperemia and sensation of local heat. Coffee extract The methylxanthine and the polyphenols present in the coffee plant give it a powerful anti-cellulite power. The presence of caffeine in this extract also provides toning to the skin. DM 60 Complex Compound formulated with natural moisturizing agents and Enzymes that act as natural catalysts accelerating the process of elimination of fat.
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