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Cold bandage liquid

Reference: 13IB06

Formats: Bottle 1.000 ml

This cosmetic lotion is formulated with the vegetable extracts of both algae and Indian chestnut and performs a reduction action thanks to its hypothermic active ingredients. It is used to soak remodelling bandages that improve silhouette definition. It produces a localized cold sensation in the area being treated for a controlled period.

Mix one part lotion with three parts water and soak the bandages in the resulting mixture before wrapping them around the area being treated. Keep in place for 30-40 minutes and avoid showering for 2 hours. Use two or three times a week.

Do not use after eating, since it can slow down the digestive system. Protect the genital area from contact with the bandages. Do not use in the abdominal area during menstruation.

Fucus extract. Fucus contains organic iodine in its thallus, which has the ability to mobilize retained liquid in localized areas of the body, stimulating the circulation and eliminating toxins.

Since fluid retention is a trigger for cellulitis, having an active ingredient capable of reabsorbing this fluid could prove to be very useful in the treatment of this dysfunction.

Indian chestnut extract. Possesses vessel-invigorating properties along with anti-spasmodic, anti-inflammatory, spasmodic, astringent and haemostatic qualities. It is used in traditional medicine for circulation problems such as varicose veins, vein inflammation and cellulitis. It treats inflammation problems in the blood vessels and prevents them from appearing due to its richness in asculin and aescin, two components with the capacity to protect against fluid retention and increase the resistance of the blood vessels; other components such as ascorbic acid, vitamin C, flavonoids, quercetin and rutin are especially recommended in incidents of fragile hair and ideal for invigorating the arteries and the capillaries. Its stringent properties are very useful in the treatment of haemorrhoids and skin diseases because of its richness in tannin. It also has a reaffirming effect on the skin.

Alcanfor. Has analgesic, antiseptic, bactericide, stimulant and deodorant properties.

Menthol. Antibacterial, refreshing and anaesthetizing, when applied to the skin, it increases the blood flow resulting in improved circulation; it also causes a cold stimulus.

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