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Gold Eye Contour

Reference: 13IB69

Formats: Jar 15 ml

It contributes elements of high nutritional value. It is indicated for the prevention of wrinkles and bags in the eyes.
Apply by gentle massage with the fingertips around the eye, avoiding, as far as possible, direct contact of the product over the eye.
Hydrolyzed Soy Protein: Activates the synthesis of collagen and elastin. Biotechnological messenger to restore the hydrating potential of the skin and its cellular restructuring. Marine Collagen: Marine collagen is an effective moisturizing factor in creams and lotions for all skin types. It elevates the moisturizing reaction of the skin, improves the sensitivity of the skin and decreases the depth of wrinkles. Thanks to its film forming properties, it also leads to a positive skin effect, it looks smoother and smoother. Very high is also the high capacity to catch free radicals. Ginseng Extract: It is a plant of Chinese origin of which is used the root that contains among other principles, vitamin B and trace elements. Revitalizes the epidermal cells, so it is a good restorer of the physiological balance of the skin, is a powerful antioxidant that retards skin aging and provides elasticity to the skin, nourishing it. Vitamin E: It increases the micro-circulation of the skin, improving elasticity and reducing wrinkles. It also provides a natural protection against ultra violet rays and their negative effects. Keratin Hydrolyzate: Keratoplasty action favors the regeneration of the corneal layer by normalizing defective keratinization.
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