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Invigorating facial lotion

Reference: 13IB40

Formats: Bottle 500 ml

Suitable for all complexion types, it refreshes and invigorates the skin, eliminating the residue of accumulated impurities. Essential in restoring skin pH balance after using the facial cleansing milk.

Apply the Paraíso Cosmetics invigorating facial lotion regularly after using the Paraíso Cosmetics facial cleansing milk. The facial skin will then be perfectly prepared to receive any further specific treatment. It may also be used at any moment of the day simply to refresh the face.

Rosemary extract. Rosemary is an aromatic plant with lilac- or white-coloured flowers, with hard and needle-shaped leaves that exude an intense aroma due to a high content of essential and volatile oils. Rosemary extract is an ingredient used in numerous cosmetic formulas designed to prevent and correct sagginess in the skin. Moreover, it may be found in treatments designed to correct signs of facial fatigue.

Rose water. Used as an invigorator for all skin types – oily, dry and the most sensitive – and renowned for its great hydrating and soothing properties. Invigorates, revitalizes and hydrates tired skin.

Allantoin. Helps alleviate unfavourable effects of the skin provoked by certain cosmetic ingredients such as detergents, oils and alkaline or acid materials. Allantoin promotes and accelerates natural healing processes in the body; it helps skin to help itself.

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