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Mascarilla Superhidratante Aloe Vera

Super-hydrating aloe facial mask

Reference: 13IB34

Formats: Bucket 500g

An aloe vera based facial mask, extraordinarily rich in polysaccharides, the main active ingredient of its healing, hydrating and soothing properties. It also contains various salts, acids, enzymes and minerals that contribute to its activity and efficiency.

Mix one part of the alginate with three parts water and apply the mixture onto the skin surface being treated.

This treatment hardens after a few minutes allowing the product to be removed in one movement as if it were a second skin.

Aloe Vera belongs to the family of asphodelaceous or liliaceae that grow in semi-arid zones of tropical and subtropical regions. Extraordinarily rich in primary polysaccharides responsible for its anti-inflammatory, healing, superhydrating, regenerating and soothing properties.
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