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Hydrating cream for normal and mixed complexions 2016-05-21T22:36:12+02:00
Crema Hidratante Cutis Mixtos y Normales

Hydrating cream for normal and mixed complexions

Reference: 13IB45

Formats: Jar 200 ml

Hydrates the skin delicately, revitalizing its texture and contains a Natural Hydrating Factor and oat extract, permitting the skin to be restored to its optimum level of hydration. A perfect make-up foundation cream.

Apply a small amount, performing a gentle circular massage with the tips of the fingers. Use in the mornings, after the use of any facial treatment or as a make-up foundation cream.

Natural hydrating factor of the skin. This factor is a compound consisting of mineral salts, amino acids and urea, whose function is to entrap and regulate moisture in the skin.

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