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Alcohol-free aloe vera hydrating gel 2016-05-21T16:54:56+02:00
Loción Gel Aloe Vera Sin Alcohol

Alcohol-free aloe vera hydrating gel

Reference: 13IB08S

Formats: Bottle 500 ml,Bottle 150 ml

Suitable for all skin types. Essential in post depilation treatments and refreshing for all kinds of after-shave and after-sun irritations. Especially recommended after photo depilation.

Aplicar una cantidad suficiente de gel sobre la zona a tratar con un ligero masaje rotatorio hasta la total absorción del producto. 


Aloe Vera. The combination of substances in aloe vera makes it act deeply in different ways, depending on the skin type it is applied to. It has an astringent effect on oily skins, and a hydrating effect on dry skins, regulating the sebaceous glands and soothing irritated skin.

Rose hip oil. Delays the appearance of ageing signs on the skin, reduces wrinkles and smoothes out facial lines. It combats the effects of photo-ageing caused by excessive exposure to solar radiation. It diminishes surgical scars and traumas, helping to regenerate damaged skin. It provides excellent results in treatments for skin affected by burns or superficial cuts.

Argan oil. Perfect for nail care, due to its content of unsaponifiable matter, it is also ideal for combating ageing and dry skin due to its content of vitamin E. Argan oil is absorbed quickly by the skin, leaving it hydrated and without greasiness. It may applied daily to nails, face, body and hair.

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