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Tratamiento Ablandador Instantáneo

Instant softening treatment for hands

Reference: 13IB18

Formats: Bottle 250 ml

Eliminates the hardness and calluses of the hands without cuts or filings. Softens cuticles to allow removal. Available in a 15 ml bottle with brush for easy application.
To remove cuticles: Put some dry cotton that covers cuticles and hardness of the skin around the nails. Drip the product to soak the cotton, with as much liquid as it is able to retain. Let stand from 3 to 5 minutes. After the time of action, lift the cotton, make sweep of cuticles and softened hardness using a spatula. Brush the treated area with a dry nail brush. Wash with water and once dry apply moisturizer with a light massage. To remove hardness: Cover the hardness with a dry cotton layer. Drip the product to soak it with both Liquid as it is capable of holding. Leave on for 10 minutes, adding drops of product periodically Ensure an immediate contact, support the spatula perpendicularly and press. Perform a sweep to remove the hardness. Repeat this operation as many times as necessary to remove the hardness to the desired level. You can use the same cotton soaking it again. At this point, brush the treated area with a dry nails to get a perfect finish. Wash with water and once dry apply a nourishing cream making a Light massage. Caution: It should not be used for the face or for sensitive or injured skin.
Sodium hydroxide: Caustic product used as a softener. Due to its character, it must be handled with gloves and avoid contact with eyes. Glycerin: Ingredient of emollient and hygroscopic properties. In other words, it absorbs the humidity of the environment transmitting it to the skin so that it softens, moisturizes and protects.
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