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Emulsión Calmante Post-Depilación

Soothing post-depilation emulsion

Reference: 13IB28

Formats: Bottle 500 ml

Alleviates, refreshes, softens, hydrates and decongests the skin after depilation, producing a progressive debilitation of body hair.

For best results, apply an appropriate amount of the product after depilation, covering the entire skin surface being treated by massaging gently. Repeat the action for the following two days. Weekly use is advised to maintain the desired effect.

Camomile extract. Camomile is a highly appreciated plant that grows in dry, sunny terrains, along the roadside and in sown fields throughout Europe. Due to its azulene content, it is a magnificent anti-inflammatory. It also contains salicylic acid (antiseptic), group B vitamins and various glucides that contribute to its soothing qualities. It has a wide range of application in cosmetic products, although it is particularly seen in products designed for sensitive, delicate, tired or generally irritated skins.

Watercress extract. Watercress is an aquatic plant commonly found in the streams of Europe and Asia. It contains vitamin A, E, and C and is rich in iodine and iron. It stimulates and heals.

Marigold oil. Marigold is from the asteraceous plant family. Marigold oil is extracted from the flower and is used in cosmetics for its various healing properties. It sooths sensitive skin, and has anti-inflammatory, healing, anti-bacteria and fungicide actions when applied topically.

Arnica extract. Mountain arnica belongs to the asteraceous family and grows at high altitudes in both Europe and Asia. Its richness in active ingredients increases with the altitude at which it is grown.

The therapeutic properties of this plant are infinite and have been known since remote times.

Mountain-dwelling communities have been using it for muscular pain, bruising, contusions, sprains or inflammation since it favours the warming of muscular fibre and reduces the risk of contractures.

Nettle extract. From the urticaceae family, it grows along humid pathways and between scrubland thickets. For external use, it has rubifying, analgesic, astringent and anti-inflammatory properties.

Ivy extract. Climbing plant belonging to the araliacea family. Possesses an anti-fluid-retention action, meaning that it reduces swelling of the skin.

Yarrow extract. Belongs to the asteraceous family and has both healing and anti-inflammatory properties.

Salicylic acid. In small doses, it has keratolyic and exfoliating properties. It has a vaso-constricting effect on the capillary follicles and debilitates body hair.

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