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Tensor Flash en Ampollas

Tensor flash ampoules

Reference: 13IB46

Formats: Ampoules 6 x 1ml

Instant, non-oily skin-tightening beauty treatment in ampoules. Eliminates signs of fatigue from the skin, firming it, smoothing it and preparing it for make-up. It is composed of plant-based tensing proteins that avoid a mask effect and pamper and protect facial skin.

To apply, carefully break open the vial along the break line on the neck and empty the contents into the palm of your hand. Distribute using your fingertips, with light touches on your perfectly clean face and neck, massaging it in until it is completely absorbed. If any product is left over it can be used by mixing it with your normal make-up foundation.

Hydrolysed soy protein (50 %): Activates the synthesis of collagen and elastin. Biotechnological messenger to restore skin’s moisturizing potential and cellular restructuration.

Serum albumin (30 %): Protein compound with a high molecular weight that has firming and filmogenic (protective) properties. It is an excellent component that effectively combats skin flaccidity.

Hydrolysed wheat germ (20 %): Wheat germ oil is considered the most important source of Vitamin E (between 300-450 mg/100g). High-quality wheat germ oil also has essential fatty acids, octacosanol, linoleic acid, palmitic acid, provitamin A, vitamin F and stearin. This oil is often used in cosmetics because it moisturizes skin and avoids expression lines when used frequently.

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