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Sweet almond oil

Reference: 13IB05

Formats: Bottle 500 ml, Bottle 1.000 ml, Carafe 5.000 ml

Virgin oil obtained from the first cold press of the prunus dulcis nut. It may be used as massage oil for its optimal lubricant properties. It provides softness, smoothness and elasticity. It may also be used after bathing to soften the skin.

For body use, cover the whole body by massaging with a circular motion. It may be used as a hydrating bath, applied to damp skin after a shower or directly onto dry skin.

Sweet almond oil. The oil of almonds, apart from combating inflammation and soothing skin irritations, hydrates and softens all skin types. It may be applied to stretch marks or problematic areas. It is widely used to perform massage, as much for its anti-inflammatory properties as for its hydrating effect. It is particularly recommended in cases of dryness, dehydration or scaling. It may be applied to damp skin after bathing or showering.

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