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Facial Firming Serum

Reference: 13IB49

Formats: jar 50 ml

Intensive antioxidant serum indicated for areas of skin with problems of firmness, toning and regeneration. It contains extract of grape pulp (vitis vinifera) of high concentration in polyphenols that stimulate the skin in its work of neutralization of free radicals and increase the levels of cellular regeneration. With a pleasant smooth texture and smooth, it is easily absorbed and leaves the skin more flexible, soft and fresh favoring its optimal hydration.
Apply gently with your fingertips, making upward movements from the center of the face.
Grape pulp extract (vitis vinifera): The study of the qualities of wine has discovered in its composition molecules called polyphenols potentially beneficial to health by its effective antioxidant activity against oxygen free radicals (RLO), both causes of aging As well as other pathologies that affect the organism. The extract of grape pulp contains a high concentration in polyphenols that stimulate the skin in its work of neutralizing free radicals and increase the levels of cellular regeneration. Marine Collagen Hydrolyzate: Natural marine biopolymer with recognized film-forming properties that helps maintain skin hydric balance and provides specific amino acids of the natural hydration factor. It effectively induces the proliferation of fibroblasts and favors the synthesis of collagen. It is, therefore, able to restore the three-dimensional structure of the dermis providing cohesion and tonicity. Its action on the extracellular matrix of the dermis allows to fight against the loss of firmness that has as a consequence, with the passage of time, the formation of wrinkles. It also has an antioxidant effect. Hydrolyzed Soy Protein: Enhances oxygen delivery to epidermal cells. Regenerates and revitalizes both the skin and the scalp. It boosts the synthesis of collagen and elastin in the skin. Dermotenseur (Gattefossé): Helps combat the harmful effects of gravity on the skin. The peptides contained in the Kigelia fruit extract have a mechanical reaffirming action on the skin. The quillay extract contains saponose, which are excellent wetting agents. Provides a very good immediate tensioning action.
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