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Envoltura Termoactiva de Algas

Thermoactive algae body wrap

Reference: 13IB29

Formats: Bucket 1 Kg,Bucket 3 Kg

A body wrap elaborated from Laminaria Digitata, a brown algae found at depths of over 25 metres. It contains various salts (Mg, Na, K), iodine, mannitol and Lithothamnium Calcareum, a marine sediment of calcareous red algae of coral family. It posseses great absorbing and purifying capacities. 

- Mix 300g of the product with 350g of water to produce a smooth, even a paste.

- Apply over the entire body, having previously cleansed the area being treated.

- Cover the person being treated with a thermal blanket or expose them to infrared light for 30 minutes.

- After treatment, ensure the person being treated take a hot shower once the excess product has been removed.

Laminaria digitata For its content in laminarine, marine mud, fucusterol and Alginic acid is given slimming properties, Sebostatic, normalizing and rebalancing of the epidermis. Belongs to the family of brown algae or neophytes and grows mainly in the submarine rocks of the Atlantic. This algae contains, among other components, the mucilages that It gives emollient and tensor properties and therefore both reaffirming. It should be noted that in addition contains a large amount of iodine so it is suitable for inclusion in slimming and reducing preparations. Lithotamnium It belongs to the family of red algae. It has the appearance of Coral, and coated with a very red pigment. characteristic. It is extracted on the British coast, Specifically in the Bay of Morlaix and the Glenan Islands. Are between 10 and 25 meters below sea level. East Algae is bathed in marine limus, with high concentrations of Minerals, and next to its coral aspect is called coral Sand (Coral sand). This seaweed is used in cosmetics, Thalassotherapy treatments, in diets, and has a high power Therapeutic thanks to its high content of calcium and magnesium.
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