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Wrap of Guarana, Artichoke and Green Tea 2017-04-12T14:04:22+02:00

Wrap of Guarana, Artichoke and Green Tea

Reference: 13IB71

Formats: Jar 1 Kg

Body wrapping with draining and lipolytic properties, which help reduce volume and reshape the figure. Made with vegetable extracts of artichoke, guarana and green tea, it acts in depth eliminating the toxins and reducing the retention of liquids. It acts on the surface of the skin, improving its texture and appearance.
Apply to the body and cover with osmotic film or, preferably, with sweatpants. Leave on for 20 minutes and, after time, remove in the shower or with hot wet towels.
Guaraná: Guarana caffeine acts on the central nervous system manifesting a general stimulation of vital activities, releasing adrenaline and reducing fatigue. Guarana is a diuretic and vasodilator in addition to activating the combustion of fat bodies by burning more fat and faster than any other natural plant. Green Tea: Depurative and detoxifying with a high content of catechins and isoflavones that transform it into a perfect ally to fight against aging and improve circulation. Green tea is also very beneficial to treat different diseases of the skin thanks to its anti-inflammatory and aseptic power. Thermogenic property in the burning of fats. Artichoke: With a high content of cinnarine, it becomes an excellent cleanser, helping our body to expel the different toxins and substances it does not need. It stimulates the removal of fluids from the body.
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