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Vela Aromática de Masaje

Aromatic Massage Candle

Reference: 13IB55

Formats: Candle 200 ml

Aromatic massage candle developed for hot massages that relax the body as well as deeply moisturize. Natural product.
Turn on the wick and allow the solidified oil to melt for at least 3 minutes. Once melted, carefully pour over the body to massage, checking previously that it is not too hot for the massage. It can be combined with essential oils. Keep the candle at a maximum temperature of 23 ° C. Non eatable.
Shea Butter: Shea butter acts by coating the skin with an invisible film that prevents dehydration and protects it from external aggressions, such as sun, wind or sudden temperature changes. It is very efficient in the regeneration of the skin, it calms the irritated skins, it is the most effective of the anti-aging that exist in the nature. Almond oil: Almonds are rich in fats beneficial to health and beauty, proteins, minerals and vitamins A, B and E. It also hydrates, nourishes and desinflame. Mandarin Oil: It is very useful as a dermatological protector. It is applied as a toner, to treat stretch marks, wrinkles, acne and other disorders of the skin. For the nervous system, it is used to relieve nervous tension and restlessness. Vanilla Oil: Used to achieve deep relaxation.
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