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Emulsión Hidratante Corporal

Oat hydrating emulsion

Reference: 13IB10

Formats: Bottle 500 ml, Carafe 5.000 ml

With its smooth, soft texture and absorbing capacity, it is recommended for all skin types. It hydrates, refreshes and invigorates the body instantaneously, giving elasticity to the skin

Apply daily with a light rotation massage after bathing or showering. It is also recommended after prolonged air and sun exposure.

Oat extract. Easily tolerated by the skin, containing active ingredients that care for and give smoothness to the skin, and soothes irritation.

Oat extract has been included in the formula because of its decongestive, emollient and desensitizing actions. It is also a good ingredient as a coadjutant in the treatments of different dermatological pathologies.

The greatest qualities it contributes to the skin are: smoothness, hydration, firmness, elasticity and nutrition.

These properties mean that oat extract is a natural ingredient ideal for the formulation of cosmetic products designed for the care of irritated or sensitive skin.

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