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Gel Higienizante sin Aclarado

No rinse hand sanitizer

Reference: 13IB14

Formats: Bottle 500 ml

Specifically developed to cleanse the hands without using water. It deep cleanses the skin of the hands, making them silky and pleasing to the touch and protects them against drying up again. It is also highly recommended to include this activity as a cleansing protocol preceding any pedicure or manicure.

Apply an appropriate amount of gel to the area being treated with a light rotary massage until the product has been totally absorbed.

Ethyl alcohol. Denatured ethynol is used for its sanitizing and cleansing properties, eliminating unwanted oiliness from the skin.

Glycerene. An ingredient with emollient and hygroscopic properties. In other words, it absorbs moisture from the atmosphere and transmits it to the skin, softening, hydrating and protecting it.

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