Peel-Off Green Coffee Wrap

Reference: 13IB53

Formats: Jar 1 Kg

Marine alginate based on Algae Laminaria Digitata that provides its soft and characteristic natural texture.
To make the wrapping, it is necessary, to mix a part of product with 3 of water at room temperature. Beat vigorously for about one minute until smooth and homogenous. Then apply a thin layer of product on the surface to be treated. Leave on display for at least 10 minutes. Then, with a simple movement, it can be removed comfortably and without a trace, like a second skin.
Laminaria Digitata For its content in laminarine, marine mud, fucusterol and Alginic acid is given a slimming, sebostatic, normalizing and rebalancing properties of the epidermis. It belongs to the family of brown algae or neophytes and grows mainly on the underwater rocks of the Atlantic. This algae contains, among other components, the mucilages which give it emollient and tensor properties and therefore reafamination. It should be noted that in addition Contains large amounts of iodine and is therefore indicated for inclusion in slimming and reducing preparations. Green coffee Green coffee is high in chlorogenic acid, which prevents fat infiltration and stimulates lipid metabolism. The high content in theobromine and polyphenols provide softening, tonic and anti-oxidant properties. Caffeine helps to redefine the body contour.

Por su contenido en laminarine, lodo marino, fucusterol y
ácido algínico se le otorgan unas propiedades adelgazante, sebostática, normalizadora y reequilibradora de la epidermis.
Pertence a la familia de las algas pardas o neófitos y crece principalmente en las rocas submarinas del Atlántico.
Esta alga contiene entre otros componentes los mucílagos que le confieren unas propiedades emolientes y tensoras y por lo tanto reafiramantes. Hay que tener en cuenta que además
contiene gran cantidad de yodo por lo que está indicada para la inclusión en preparados adelgazantes y reductores.

Café Verde

El café verde tiene  alto contenido en ácido clorogénico, el cual evita la infiltración de grasa y estimula el metabolismo de los lípidos. El alto contenido en teobromina y polifenoles proporcionan propiedades suavizantes, tónicas y anti-oxidantes. La cafeína ayuda a redefinir el contorno corporal.

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