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Gel Exfoliante Facial

Exfoliating facial gel

Reference: 13IB41

Formats: Bottle 500 ml

Deep cleanses the skin, eliminating impurities and the excess of dead cells. It regulates the normal development of the cornea layer, avoiding hyperkeratotis. It smoothes the contours of the complexion, creating a younger and more luminous look.

Rub a small amount of the product onto a moistened face to produce a light foam. Remove with cotton wool or pad moistened with water or facial invigorator. Use as in the previous step for any facial treatment or simply whenever the skin needs softening.

Glycerine. The ingredient glycerine has emollient and hygroscopic properties. In general terms, it absorbs moisture from the atmosphere and transmits it to the skin, softening, hydrating and protecting it.

Polyamide. Polyamide particles have an exfoliating effect through mechanical rubbing.

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