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Aceite Esencial de Eucalipto

Essential oil of Eucalyptus

Reference: 13IB24EU

Formats: Vial 10 ml

Ideal for muscle and joint massage. Purifier of the environment.
Essential oils can be used by massage, diluted in creams, lotions or gels and cigars, through inhalation. Depending on the type of oil, its use will cause different physical, mental and emotional effects. Aromatherapy should be used with caution and, preferably, guided by a qualified professional, who will check the contraindications, doses and better ways to use it.
Eucalyptus is one of the essential oils with the most pleasant aroma, accepted and known in the world. It is a tree native to Australia and the essential oil obtained from its leaves is considered a classic remedy for respiratory problems and as an ingredient of many products to relieve influenza and nasal congestion. It is also used in muscle and joint problems especially when the condition is caused by the cold. Besides that proves to be an excellent purifier of the environment.
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