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Crema Anticelulítica Reductora

Anti-cellulite reduction cream

Reference: 13IB02

Formats: Jar 500 ml,Jar 1.000 ml

Acts effectively against cellulitis, reducing the orange-peel look of the skin. It contains the vegetal extracts of algae, ivy, horsetail plant and centella, with decongesting, invigorating, emollient and vaso-constricting properties.

Apply a sufficient amount to the area being treated, massaging the cream in a circular motion above and below the area until it has been completely absorbed by the skin. This massage stimulates the circulation, and is almost as important as the cream itself.

The usual areas for applying the cream are the stomach area and the muscles, but this can vary somewhat from person to person.

Healthy living habits are also recommended: eating high-fibre foods, drinking ample water, practicing a little sport, etc. Maintaining regularity is also very important; it is of as little use to use the cream once a week, as it is to apply the cream everyday if you lead an excessively sedentary life.

Fucus extract. Fucus contains organic iodine in its thallus, which has the ability to mobilize retained liquid in localized areas of the body, stimulating the circulation and eliminating toxins.

Since fluid retention is a trigger for cellulitis, having an active ingredient capable of reabsorbing this fluid could prove to be very useful in the treatment of this dysfunction.

Centella extract. The centella leaves and flowers have healing and purifying properties. They stimulate blood and lymph circulation and the elimination of waste substances. They favour the synthesis of collagen and proteins. They protect and reinforce blood vessels and as a result restore elasticity to the tissues.

Ivy extract. Extracted from the perennial leaf of a climbing plant. Ivy is well known for its invigorating, astringent and refining properties. Ivy extract has slimming and anti-cellulitis properties, preventing the accumulation of moisture in the surface tissue. Ivy extract is at present being studied for its vaso-constricting properties due to its vitamin P content. It diminishes tissue sensitivity, activates the circulation and helps reduce localized inflammation.

Horsetail plant. This plant has a long history as an effective treatment for damaged or tired skin. It is used on the skin for its astringent, invigorating and firming properties. It helps cure wounds. It also helps improve skin elasticity. This plant helps eliminate the excess of oil in the skin and hair. It is a coadjutant in the treatment of wrinkled skin.

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