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Crema de Masaje Corporal

Body massage cream

Reference: 13IB01

Formats: Jar 1.000 ml

Facilitates manual massage and provides smoothness and softness to the skin. As well as its typical use as a massage cream, its application is also recommended after body exfoliation, anti-cellulite and reaffirmation treatments, as a final touch to a session, to relax the muscles and reactivate blood circulation.

Apply a sufficient amount to the area being treated, whether a localized area or the entire body. It is very important not to lose contact with the skin of the person being massaged during the entire session.

16% Vaseline oil (Paraffinum liquidum). A white medicinal grade oil of mineral origin, much used in massage products for its excellent lubricating and extending properties. It has a neutral odour and resists going rancid; its large-size molecules make it difficult to absorb, enabling prolonged use of the product.

5% Decyl oleate. A substance compatible with skin oils, possessing strong lubricating potential and extensibility due to its elevated fluidity and moisturizing power. It is used as a vehicle for liposoluble active ingredients.

3% Vaseline (Petrolatum). Semi-solid substance of mineral origin and neutral characteristics (odourless and tasteless) used as a consistency factor, improving extensibility and lubricating power.

Calendula oil (Calendula officinalis L.). Marigold oil is an oily vegetable extract obtained from the flowers of Calendula Officinalis L. It is rich in various substances: essential oils (gamma-terpineol, muurolene, cadinene, caryophyllene, menthone, isomenthone, carvone, geranylacetone, karyphilenocetone), sesquiterpenes and triterpenic acids (amirine, taraxasterol, arnidiol, faradiol) sterols, carotenoids, xanthophyll pigments, celandine and polysaccharide tannins (galactans). The oil of Marigold possesses decongesting, healing, emollient, resurfacing and invigorating properties. Preparations with Marigold oil are specially recommended for sensitive skin, children’s skin and for slightly damaged skin (ie, for acute sunburn).

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