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Eucalyptus essence for saunas 2017-04-11T16:26:33+02:00
Esencia de Eucalipto para Saunas

Eucalyptus essence for saunas

Reference: 13IB26

Formats: Carafe 5.000 ml

Recommended for aromatizing saunas after cleaning and disinfecting. It contributes to the relaxation and the breathing of the sauna user. Eucalyptus essence is considered a classic remedy for respiratory problems.

It is advisable to dilute 1 part of the product in 3 parts of water. In saunas, regularly pour the product at a rate of 1 or 2 plugs per liter of water, into the bucket in the Interior of the sauna, so that when water is poured into the heater, a Complementary to that obtained by the slow evaporation of water from the cube.

Essential oil of eucalyptus. Eucalyptus is one of those essential oils with a more pleasant aroma, accepted and well known throughout the world. The tree is native to Australia and the essential oil obtained from its leaves is considered a classic remedy for respiratory problems and as an ingredient in many products to alleviate symptoms of influenza and nasal congestion. It is also used for muscular and articular problems especially when the suffering is caused by the cold. Furthermore, it purifies the atmosphere.

• Anti-bacterial
• Antiseptic
• Expectorant
• Releases nasal secretion
• Deodorant
• Purifies the atmosphere

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