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Rose hip oil

Reference: 13IB09

Formats: Bottle 150 ml,Vial 30 ml,Jar 1.000 ml

Rich in essential acid oils, vitamins and antioxidants, it proves ideal for both facial and body skin treatments. It helps repair skin imperfections (dehydration, wrinkles, small cuts) and problematic hair (dry hair, split ends, lacklustre, etc).

Direct application. Scars, burns, prevention of stretch marks, wrinkles, sunspots, age spots, lack of elasticity, hydration, psoriasis, cracks and ulcer marks.

Indirect application. Electrolysis, peeling, micro-pigmentation, laser depilation, treatments with retinol, liposuction, vitamin C treatment, dry and fragile nails, post acne scars.

Being rich in essential polyunsaturated fatty acids (linoleic and linolenic), it is indispensible for skin areas where a high proliferation rate of new cells occurs, such as on the face. Apart from these acids, Rose hip oil also contains tretinoin, derived from retinol (vitamin A) that stimulates epidermal tissue regeneration.

In dermatology, it is considered a potent complexion hydrator and studies have revealed its effectiveness in cases of atypical dermatitis and psoriasis in patients not responding to more conventional pharmaceutical treatments.

Rose hip oil acts on the natural hydration factor of the skin. This natural factor is a compound consisting of mineral salts, amino acid and urea, whose function is to trap and regulate moisture in the skin.

When Rose hip oil is applied topically, it increases the activity of the dermal fibroblasts, causing an increase in the production of collagen and elastin, thus producing both firmness and elasticity.

Although this occurs on the outer layer of the skin, it does not stop here, since the oil is further absorbed into the lower layers, contributing fatty acids and increasing the synthesis of ceramides that results in improved moisture retention in the skin.

This capacity of activating the body’s natural hydration mechanisms is fundamental to understanding the valuable properties of this oil and being aware of its powerful repairing and healing effects.

While regenerating and nurturing the skin therefore, it helps eliminate wrinkles and scars, simultaneously preventing photo-ageing or other complexion problems due to solar radiation.

Rose hip oil stimulates the self-regeneration of melanin cells, producing a more even distribution of the skin pigment, and facilitating the elimination of sunspots, acne and pockmarks.

For pregnant women, gentle breast and abdomen massages are recommended during the final gestation period, to prevent against the appearance of stretch marks.

Thanks to its tissue-regenerating powers, Rose hip oil comes with unbeatable medical recommendation for use after surgical operations, cell regeneration procedures (anti-wrinkle, stretch marks and scars) and skin complaints caused by different pathologies (acne, eczema, etc).

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