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Aceite de Sésamo + Pinda Ecológica

Sesame Oil + Pinda Ecological

Reference: 13IB56

Formats: Jar 35 ml

Cloth bag, which contains natural elements of plants from organic farming (rosemary, lavender, thyme, orange, roses, sage) and sea salt, accompanied by sesame oil. Natural product. Biodegradable labeling.
The pindas before being placed on the skin are heated to water vapor releasing their healing properties. Cover the skin with Sesame Oil and begin the massage, the patient's feet. In the areas of the body where extra heat is needed or we find a contracture, we will leave the pinda warm to benefit from its thermoactive properties and its active principles. See Protocol.
Romero: Thanks to its stimulating and toning effects, it promotes blood circulation and helps to strengthen the system Immune of the body, acting as prevention of respiratory and digestive diseases. Thanks to Its colagogic properties, aid to the stomach disorders, diarrhea or constipation. Diuretic properties and Antihepatic. Very beneficial to relieve muscle aches and bone problems such as arthritis, lumbago, sprains, Etc Treats hair loss and seborrheic dermatitis. Lavender: For its soothing scent, it makes an excellent tonic for the nerves. Therefore, it helps in the treatment of Migraines, headaches, anxiety, depression, nervous tension and emotional stress. It helps to sleep. It is a remedy that is often recommended for insomnia. Helps relieve muscle aches, rheumatism, Sprains, back pain and lumbago. Lavender oil massages provide relief from pain in the Joints. It has antiseptic properties. It is used to treat various disorders, such as acne and wrinkles. Orange: Antidepressant, Antispasmodic, Anti-inflammatory, diuretic and sedative. Tonic of the nervous system Lymphatic stimulant. In the field of beauty, it is an excellent tonic for mature skins as it helps eliminate Dermatitis and dry skin easily, in addition to improving the formation of collagen in the skin. Sage: acts as a soothing nerve, relaxes muscle contractures, spasms, tremors, relieves skin Congested or injured, helps healing of wounds, is used in sprains, and is an excellent relaxant Psychophysicist, combating exhaustion in both physical and mental or emotional. It is a great ally against Problems arising from menopause. Roses: It is used in all types of skins, dry fat and very sensitive for its high moisturizing and soothing power. Tonic, Revitalizing and moisturizing for tired skin. Thanks to the vitamins they contain (E from group B), they help Reaffirming the skin Its content in carotenes and vitamin E gives regenerative properties of skin cells, While vitamin C supplementation helps restore collagen production by the skin, Improving skin tone and reducing small wrinkles. Its protective effect is also very beneficial in case Of broken capillaries, cuperosis. Sea salt: By containing magnesium sulfate, sea salt has an anti-inflammatory effect that softens the calluses Of the feet and the hands and also favor the exfoliation of the skin. Treatments with sea salt can be Very effective for treating acne. Sesame oil: The main properties of sesame oil and derivatives derived from its high content in Omega 6 And Omega 9, which, have a very positive effect on the circulatory system, as it increases peripheral circulation and Increase blood flow to the skin, resulting in increased local heat. You can use for Warm hands and feet. It has antioxidant properties, granted by Vitamin E, which helps to retard the signs From aging, it prevents wrinkles and sagging. It is used as a sunscreen against UVB radiation, besides Favor the tan. It also has relaxing properties that fight stress, anxiety and nervousness. By Its anti-inflammatory qualities, its fatty acids, sesame oil, help decrease muscle pain and reduce The negative symptoms of menopause.
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