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Gel Efecto Frío

Cold effect gel

Reference: 13IB20F

Formats: Jar 1.000 ml,Bottle 250 ml

A refreshing gel providing a cold sensation with a relaxing effect. Recommended in situations where cold application could be beneficial. It helps reduce the discomfort that can arise from practicing daily sport.

Apply a sufficient amount daily to the affected area performing a light rotary massage. Use preferably after exposure to the Paraíso Cosmetics Thermal activator treatment.

Centella. A small herbaceous plant from the Asian apiaceae family that possesses the life-prolonging factor called Youth Vitamin X. It is anti-cellulite, hydrating, bioactive and prevents fluid retention. 

Indian chestnut. A great remedy for invigorating the arteries and the capillaries, since it protects against fluid retention and increases the resistance of the blood vessels. It is a decongestive, a vaso-protector and a vaso-constrictor.

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